Peacemakers of technical process:
​Modern automotive electronics as benchmark

The automotive sector imposes the most stringent requirements on materials. New applications demand innovative solutions, and WEVO-CHEMIE can support this development in the field of electro casting resins.

Today's cars are pacemakers of technical progress: besides the pure driving pleasure these multi talents offer numerous new functions and features. They are packed to the roof with hightly sensitive electronics which need to be protected againts heat, moisture, oil, chemical and mechanic stress.

Automative applications are highly specialised and therefore require a maximum level of quality, reliability and safety. Also the production process asks for special solutions: High production volumes demand rapid curing time and quick pot life; short tact time can only be achieved with an adjusted flowing behaviour. The geometry of units has to be adapted to the available space rather then being constructed to offer an optimal casting process. The current trend to smaller and more compact components while maintaining or increasing their performances is continuing. For these particular requirements, WEVO-CHEMIE offers casting resins which can be adjusted with regards to rheology, reactivity and the termal concutivity depending on the specific requirements.

The following section describes specific electro casting resisns from WEVO-CHEMIE, mainly sued in the automotive industry.

WEVIPUR 925/1 M and WEVOPUR 9251 FL:

These casting resins are well-suited for encapsulating control electronics and sensors. Besides the excellent adhesion properties on PA and PBT, their flowing behaviour can be adjusted to individual requirements. Furthermore the low glass transition temperature during temperature shock test of these casting resins exercise only low mechanical stress on the components.


These polybutadiene based- systems excel in terms of outstanding adhesion properties and low water absorption. Due to their good elasticity at low temperatures, these casting resisn are preferably using in the field of pressure-sensitive components like flexible PCBs. The low dielectric constant makes them also suitable for high frequency applications.

WEVOPUR 403 and WEVOPUR 930 M:​

Applications like transmission sensors and electro-mechanical components in the engine compartment demand good thermal endurance, very good resistance to oil as well as excellent temperature shock behaviour. The above mentioned well-established WEVO-CHIEMIE products combine all these requirements and are ideally suited for these applications.

WEVOPUR 500 MT/3​:

This casting resin is distinguished by their short curing time and good resistance to weathering, not to mention their adjustable flowing behaviour. And they are idieal for applications like mass-produced electro-mechanical components.

Besides reducing emissions and improving the energy balance, the automative future foresees improved safety functions for drivers and pedestrians. Numerous new sensors and control units poses challenges mainly due to their installation in most diverse spaces inside a vehicle. Casting resisns being able to help making these new technologies reliable on a long-term basis are highly demanded.

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