Biresin U1320 NT - Back to former strength


Foundry resin Biresin U1320 NT with New Technology tested in practical applications

Due to strict REACH regulations the former market leader Biresin U1320 has been unavailable since spring 2011.

Users value the high degree reliability and process stability of this proven product. The non-toxic resin successors have been unable to attain this high benchmark to date.

However, the wait is now over. Through an innovative leap in technology, Sika has succeeded in combining the former strengths of the predecessor U1320 with the required non-toxic classification. Biresin U1320 NT was checked to the core during the past six months. Over 20 different model makers and foundries testes its practical feasibility of using it for core boxes and foundry patterns on over 30 different occasions.

​The practitioners confirmed that the processing characteristics of the new product are nearly identical with those of the "good old U1320". And the measured abrasion values lie at the same level.

A brief summary of facts

  • Work as safely and easily as before
  • Successful and thorough practical test phase
  • Demould easily and without fear
  • Abrasion value at "U1320" level
  • Market launch in October 2012​

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